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Travel Certificates

If you plan on traveling with your pet in the next few months, it’s never too early to look into applying for a travel certificate.

Acquiring Health & Travel Certificates

Travel/health certificates are legally necessary if you plan on traveling internationally with your pet. Unfortunately, if you do not have the proper paperwork, your pet will not be able to travel with you. We’d like to help you obtain this certificate so that does not happen! Avoid the stress and potential delay by applying for a travel certificate soon. A travel/health certificate is also essential to ensure your pet is healthy enough to travel for its safety, as well as other travelers’ safety. It’s important to remember that different diseases are prevalent in other parts of the world, and to discuss with your veterinarian about proper vaccines before you leave. 

For your pet’s Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, we need to confirm if your pet is:

  • Healthy to travel
  • Disease-free
  • Parasite-free
  • Current on their vaccinations

Before you visit, we suggest checking travel regulations with the USDA to prepare. It is common for laws and regulations to change, so it’s even more important to be updated on the current expectations. It’s also helpful to check airline pet regulations before you fly. Some airlines are known to need travel/health certificates 10 days in advance.

Being able to travel with a small pet is the best option, however, we understand this is sometimes not feasible. It’s also important to remember that when traveling with a larger pet, to book direct flights and also to see if there is a pressurized section of the cargo that will protect them from extreme temperatures.

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