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Internal Medicine

Some pets may have a condition which will require an internal medicine service; one where we can help refer you to the best specialist we know for advanced cases. Some examples of these internal medicine services can include:


Refers to allergies and skin issues in your pet. Allergies and skin issues can leave a pet feeling irritated, and not ‘themselves’. It’s important to have your veterinarian diagnose these issues as they arise, so that your pet can get the proper treatment they deserve. 


Refers to a heart or circulatory issue in your pet. Signs of a heart or lung issue could involve, coughing, difficulty breathing, fainting, or fatigue. 


Refers to anything pertaining to the eyes. There are a number of conditions including non-healing ulcers, glaucoma, or acute blindness that may require special diagnostic tools and surgery to repair.


Endocrine glands produce hormones which help regulate your pet’s organs. If the glands are overactive or malfunction, problems may result in your pet’s body. For example, an issue within an endocrine gland would result in a thyroid problem. 

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