I am a paw-holding,
Vet Tech

Is there anything a veterinary technician can’t do? We don’t think so. With the incredible skills our vet techs demonstrate every day caring for pets, we think they deserve recognition for the role they play on our veterinary team. National Veterinary Technician Week is October 13 to 19, but we believe all our team members should be celebrated each and every day. Animal caretakers, veterinary assistants, customer service representatives, veterinary technicians, veterinarians, and practice managers work together to ensure your pet receives the highest quality care every time she steps a paw through our doors. 

However, in honor of National Veterinary Technician Week, we want to celebrate our vet techs’ considerable talents, as well as celebrating them as people to help you know more about the team caring for your furry friend. See if you can guess who said what. 

The players

Our seven vet techs: Megan, Kendall, Jessica, Patti, Katie, Jennifer, and Michelle. 

The game

Question: Who was born in Clover, South Carolina?

Answer: Kendall was born in Clover, South Carolina.


Q: Who went to college to become a makeup artist?

A: Michelle wanted to work as a makeup artist in the movies and photography.


Q: Who prefers cats over dogs?

A: Michelle is our lone vet tech who is Team Cat. The others hang out in the canine camp, or love each species equally.


Q: Who would rather read a book than run a 5K?

A: Kendall, Megan, Jessica, and Katie work out plenty lifting heavy dogs while on the job. Instead of lacing up their running shoes, they’d rather curl up with a good book. 


Q: Which vet tech likes sushi?

A: Michelle enjoys sushi dinner dates with her husband.


Q: Which two vet techs say surgery is their favorite aspect of their job?

A: Megan and Patti love being in surgery, assisting with interesting procedures, and caring for their patients throughout the entire process.


Q: Who worked in emergency veterinary medicine for 23 years before joining our team?

A: Michelle has been a veterinary technician for more than 27 years, and has worked her way up from kennel attendant, to assistant, to veterinary technician.


Q: Which vet tech is from England?

A: Michelle was born in a small town called Thetford in Norfolk, England. 


Q: Who loves to learn any dance she can?

A: You can find Jessica busting a move on the dance floor. 


Q: Which two vet techs can’t decide between Team Cat and Team Dog?

A: Megan and Jennifer love cats and dogs equally. No favorites for these ladies.


Q: Who’s favorite aspect of working at TotalBond is the sense of family?

A: Jessica’s favorite part of working in our hospital is the sense of family she feels, not only from her coworkers, but also from all our clients. 


Q: Which two vet techs are terrified of snakes?

A: Jessica and Patti are not fans of scaled, slithering creatures, and prefer dogs to snakes. 


Q: Who loves classical music?

A: Patti is a classical music fan. Ask her the name of her favorite composer next time your pet comes in for an appointment. 


Q: Who has a small herd of animals?

A: Katie has a bit of everything in her menagerie—four dogs, four cats, three horses, chickens, goats, pigs, and a rabbit. 


Q: Which vet tech is our local rodeo queen?

A: Katie enjoys competing in local rodeos, especially barrel-racing events. 


Q: Which two vet techs love being able to fix pets and send them home feeling better?

A: While our entire team loves caring for animals, the best part of the job for Jennifer and Katie is being able to “fix” a patient. Knowing they can solve the pet’s problem and send her home feeling better is their favorite part of the day. Seeing a sick pet come through our doors and leave on the road to recovery is one of the greatest feelings in veterinary medicine.


Q: Which vet tech lives in a feline-dominated household?

A: Jennifer has six cats to serve, and one lone dog. 

Our veterinary technicians are an important part of our team. While they all have families and pets to focus on at home, along with some interesting hobbies, they are solely focused on caring for your pet as soon as you walk through our doors with her. After learning more about our team, we hope that you’ll consider us family, as we consider you and your pet part of our veterinary family. For all your furry family member’s needs, we are only a phone call away.