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Team Spotlight: Veterinary Technicians

I am a paw-holding, Owner-consoling, IV-starting, Vitals-charting, Blood-taking, Back-aching, Urine-testing, Wound-dressing, Hand-washing, Tick-squashing, Injection-giving, Always-forgiving, Fur-shaving, Life-saving Vet Tech Is there anything a veterinary technician can’t do? We don’t think so. With the incredible skills our vet techs demonstrate every day caring for pets, we think they deserve recognition for the role they play on [...]

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Facts Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Lyme Disease

Springtime is here, and pet owners and pets alike are outside enjoying the new greenery and sunshine. Harmful creatures, including ticks, are also enjoying the warm spring weather, waiting to feed on your pet and putting her at risk of becoming infected with tick-borne diseases. One of the most common diseases transmitted by ticks is [...]

Heartworm Disease: A Deadly Threat

Hot, humid South Carolina summers breed hordes of blood-thirsty mosquitoes. Their itchy bites are annoying, but did you know that mosquitoes can transmit dangerous heartworms to your furry friend? According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, South Carolina veterinarians diagnosed more than 5,000 heartworm cases in 2018. With another muggy summer in store, this dangerous [...]